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Located in Estonia, Tartu, POLYREA focuses its main activity on the commercialization of equipment, accessories and chemistry for the foaming of polyurethanes and the application of two component polyurea and epoxy coatings.

The Polyrea engineering staff are professionals, dedicated to the constant quality and innovation that assures a solid and dynamic product for discerning companies worldwide that require high technology, proven quality and reliable service while maintaining the flexibility and adaptive capability to respond to constant market changes.


1. Installation

We are a technically-advanced applicator and installer of protective coating systems in Estonia. Our primary focus is on application of Polyurea coatings systems that comply with EPA’s SPCC requirements for Secondary Containment.


2. Chemistry

ExpandoThane Polyurea is more elastic and has excellent adhesion. This means we can give better guarantees. Also, there’s no need for primer. This is why it’s 4 times cheaper and a lot faster to work with ExpandoThane polyurea than any other polyurea product.


3. Machinery

The product development department of GAMA is staffed by engineers and technicians highly specialized in commercial equipment design and with more than twenty years of experience in the design of high performance proportioning units for spraying two component systems.

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