Polyurea is a material that is rapidly gaining popularity in the world and has an extremely strong resistance to all possible influences, both physical and indirect.

100% pure polyurea is highly resistant to most acids, alkalis, salts, fuels and other chemicals. 

Polyurea provides a solution for waterproofing work in the most challenging areas. Based on the most advanced polymer chemistry, these systems offer excellent technical capability and exceptional waterproofing completeness. Our extensive product range is adaptable to almost any substrate and often eliminates the need to remove the original substrate. 

Advantages of polyurea:

  • Full water resistance
  • Seamless membrane - the lack of joints, overhangs and boundaries has eliminated the presence of weak spots in the membrane. This results in a homogeneous and uniform surface that can be adapted to any type of construction. As a result, the building is fully protected
  • Elastic membrane resistant to cracks and surface movement
  • Complete bonding to the substrate, without mechanical anchorage, and on all slopes
  • Compatible with various substrates
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Good resistance to most chemicals
  • Plastic and obedient in both simple and complex procedures
  • Variation of colors and finishes
  • Fast application and functionality
  • Suitable for new buildings as well as renovations
  • Ideal for critical applications: the liquid product adapts well to the shape of the substrate
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